Welcome to Arabella – Located in Beautiful Glen Arbor, Michigan

Arabella specializes in distinctive and unique hand-made, hand-selected, items of jewelry and objects de art varying in style and design from distinguished Byzantine characteristics, Central Asian Tribal Art, Victorian, to the contemporary. ArabellaConcepts.com is a place for you to come to be inspired by beautiful and exceptional design.

Arabella jewelry is enjoyed by all walks of life throughout the world and adorns those who are looking for astonishing, inspiring, unexpected and quality pieces of art.

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Arabella’s Concept Blog

I love to think of “Concepts”…  Ideas, symbols, art, languages – “things” that we can’t quite understand, in some instances, yet are drawn to aesthetically and philosophically.  A concept is something we can develop, can change, evolve; something that can represent who we are or choose to be.

Arabella means “beautiful” in Dutch.  My Mother and Oma and Opa (grandparents), immigrated from The Netherlands in the 1950’s to the United States.  So, being half Dutch, I was quite taken with the word Arabella – and thus, ArabellaConcepts.com was born.

Beautiful ideas, beautiful, symbols of both past and present, beautiful languages and art intertwined.  This is what Arabella Concepts is about.

I am so excited to bring you amazing pieces of jewelry, art, textiles, and “concepts” that one might not find traveling the common path.  Pieces of art that can be admired and experienced.

I hope you enjoy the launch of ArabellaConcepts.com ~ I truly love doing what I do, and I hope you will, too.


Heather Maria